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it’s been a while since the last post. After coming to new york, I have been very busy on my study, personal projects and (of course) playing around. studying in new york university is harsh, but not as hard as i think. I met nice people, hanged out with my beloved new friends. I even found people having great interests in technologies and software development.

I am trying to work on instamusic as long as i have time. I also shared my project of javascript injector with my friend, and hoping to expand service and functions that it can have. I am grateful to see that there are still many people using my applications and sending emails to me. thank you very much and i will try my best to make something new.

with love, a photo in central park is nice.



While using hit, it is really usual to have regrets on the commits done, especially the name used. In order to change those information in your repository, open terminal (or cmd in windows), go to the folder of your git repositoy, and run the following commands. Remember, replace “old_name”, “new_name” and “new@email.address” with your own information.

git filter-branch --commit-filter '
  if [ "$GIT_COMMITTER_NAME" = "old_name" ];
    git commit-tree "$@";
    git commit-tree "$@";
  fi' HEAD

Step 1:
Download my fix file here: Download Link (Link Updated)

Step 2:
Turn OFF Mbox Mail for Mac. (If you don’t have the menu bar icon, go to “System Preference”)

Step 3:
Open the downloaded file and drag “mBoxMail” to “mBoxMail Folder”

Step 4:
Turn ON Mbox Mail for Mac

After days struggling with the new Mail 5, there has been a breakthrough. I finally fix the problem and Apple Mail 5 is now working with the Mbox Mail for Mac. As there is still some more work to do to pack the programs, as a support i hope somebody could make me some donation. As a preview, a screenshot is shown below. I will release my work as soon as I finish and the donation reach US$100, please comment and notify me after donation. Thanks a lot! =]

Okay, I give up. Go here:
Fix Mbox Mail for Mac on Lion, works Apple Mail 5

Fix Mbox Mail for Mac with Apple Mail 5, please see this post:
Fix Mbox Mail for Mac on Lion, works Apple Mail 5

After the new Mac OSX Lion released, there has been a number of people finding out the Mbox Mail for Mac doesn’t work at all. But the fact is, it actually works. The reason is that the whole new updated Apple Mail 5 has added some security protocols which don’t support the Mbox Mail for Mac. I have been doing some programs hoping to fix this problem. However it takes some time. Therefore herein I would like to introduce an alternative way with Thurderbird to make the whole thing works again.

Step 1:
If you don’t have Mbox Mail for Mac, download and install Mbox Mail for Mac 1.0.2 below and ensure it is not expired and started:

Step 2:
Download and install the beta version of Thurderbird here:

Step 3:
Go to “Tools”->”Account Settings”, then add new mail account:

Step 4:
Enter name and email address, but leave password empty. Then continue.

Step 5:
Right after continue, you will see “manual config”. Click it.

Step 6:
Input password and fill the boxes as shown in the screenshot. Then click “re-test” and then “create account”.

Step 7:
You might see a warning. Tick the understand box and then create account.

After all you should be able to check your hotmail. Enjoy and please “like” or “+1” this passage if you feel it helpful. =]

The news is that I have successfully make Mail 5 to work with Mbox Mail for Mac. I can receive and send email with it. But it involves some tricky authentication which needs manual username and password input. I might need to do some more investigation. =]

Once I thought the Mbox Mail for Mac doesn’t work in Lion. The reason is that when I use the same setting in Thurderbird, i can receive emails. This made me ensure the problem comes from the new Apple Mail 5. I dug into the protocol IMAP, learnt the commands used in it. After that I collected the message sent from Mail 5 and responded from the IMAP server. Great things happened! The reason Mbox Mail for Mac doesn’t work is Mail 5 used extra authentications during message exchanges, which could be ignored in the past. Therefore I start setting up server to modify the message exchanged to make the old server working for the new Mail. Making the fixing package may take some time. LOL

Use Mbox Mail for Mac Lion
With Apple Mail 5: Mbox Mail for Mac works on Lion with Apple Mail 5
With Thurderbird: Mbox Mail for Mac works on Lion with Thurderbird

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