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Recently I have been working a lot on migrating android projects to use gradle building system. Seriously it is much better than the old time. I can easily use libraries on maven repositories and customize my building process. I also no long need to create a desperate project for testing. Awesome!

it’s been a while since the last post. After coming to new york, I have been very busy on my study, personal projects and (of course) playing around. studying in new york university is harsh, but not as hard as i think. I met nice people, hanged out with my beloved new friends. I even found people having great interests in technologies and software development.

I am trying to work on instamusic as long as i have time. I also shared my project of javascript injector with my friend, and hoping to expand service and functions that it can have. I am grateful to see that there are still many people using my applications and sending emails to me. thank you very much and i will try my best to make something new.

with love, a photo in central park is nice.



Happy lunar new year to all.

I am flattered. In less than a month since I put the InstaMusic to the Android Market on 27 Dec 2011, today it has already more than 10,000 downloads. To be honest, I never expected this.

If you are uninitialized, InstaMusic is a music player android application with simple and stylish outlook.

There are all kinda music player in the world, in my opinion, a player with style and an pleasant appearance would always become the famous one. Here I would like to thank you for downloading and trying InstaMusic. Especially those fans of minimalism who supported me and AndroidStatic who gave InstaMusic a pleasant review in the post “Instamusic Is A Minimal, Slick Music Player That You Should Download Now“.

Looking back the day that I began my developmement, the reason for me to kick started is that I was really unstatisfied with the music players on the Android Market. Admittedly, I am a perfectionist and I want every part of a music player to meet user’s ways of thinking. So, I hate album artworks to be scratched and unable to tell what album is it. I also hate a song sung by different artists will be will be isolated from the album. And millions of things to list.

Okay, let’s get back to talk about the my next build of InstaMusic. I am sorry for the long waited update. In code level, I really did an upside down on InstaMusic. And as expected, lock screen player is implemented already, but there are just some bug and pressure testing work to do before it can really come out to meet its users.

As a new social service provided by Google, making it works on android is a must. However, this app is only available in US market. For those who loves social, try it and you will love it! Download Apk (1.0.5)

Desctiption: Google+ (Google Plus) is a recent released Google Inc Social Application that allows you to share things to your right friends a lot simpler. There are five main menu available: Stream, Huddle, Photos, Profile and Circle. Huddle allows you to send superfast messages to people you care the most, circle lets you share the right things with just the right people, stream is where you can get updates from your circle. You can automatically upload videos to Google Plus with your permission. Google+ apk works on Android 2.1 and higher version. but since it’s still in active development so you’re gonna need an invitation to use the app. The current latest version is 1.05 where it has more features to use like +mention, some improvements and other new features. Download Google+ apk now and Feel the new social app from Google.

Actually the development this website has been suspended for a while due to my busy life XD. Anyway just take a look and give me some comments. Link:

I am developing a software with can instantly stream rmvb files to iphone via internet.
The base of the programing is not ready – runnable. But due to the slow progress of the conversion, the streaming stop soon. =[

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