The news is that I have successfully make Mail 5 to work with Mbox Mail for Mac. I can receive and send email with it. But it involves some tricky authentication which needs manual username and password input. I might need to do some more investigation. =]

Once I thought the Mbox Mail for Mac doesn’t work in Lion. The reason is that when I use the same setting in Thurderbird, i can receive emails. This made me ensure the problem comes from the new Apple Mail 5. I dug into the protocol IMAP, learnt the commands used in it. After that I collected the message sent from Mail 5 and responded from the IMAP server. Great things happened! The reason Mbox Mail for Mac doesn’t work is Mail 5 used extra authentications during message exchanges, which could be ignored in the past. Therefore I start setting up server to modify the message exchanged to make the old server working for the new Mail. Making the fixing package may take some time. LOL

Use Mbox Mail for Mac Lion
With Apple Mail 5: Mbox Mail for Mac works on Lion with Apple Mail 5
With Thurderbird: Mbox Mail for Mac works on Lion with Thurderbird

Actually this method has been used for over a year already. I am surprised why I could not find another hacker posting this. Anyway, I assume I invented this. To crack it, it is so easy. It works on Mac 10.6.8. I know the steps below are quite hard. If you can wait, i will make a program to run that automatically. =]

download and install mbox mail for mac 1.0.2 from
add "" to /etc/host
open /library/preference/com.fluentfactory.MboxMail.plist
edit value of LicenseTrialDays to 3650
open /Library/Application Support/FluentFactory/mBoxMail/mbox.dat with any Sqlite3 manager
edit value of table->properties->c_date to many years later like 2050
finished and enjoy!

Open default.smurfmap with Hex Editor from your Documents. Edit it according to the screenshot. PS. This is only for version 1.0.0.

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