Interview Practice 25 – Longest Consecutive Digits


Given a function prototype: int continumax(char *output_string,char *input_string). Implement it to find the longest consecutive digits. This function must return the length of the longest digits. The found longest digits should be written to the memory location that output_string is pointing. For example, if input_string is “abcd12345ed125ss123456789”, function returns 9 and output_string becomes “123456789”.


This question must be implemented in C/C++. Just skip letters, count the length and save the head position to a temp pointer.


#include <iostream>

int continumax(char *output_string, char *input_string)
	int max_length = 0;
	char *max_string = new char[sizeof(input_string)];

	while (true) {

		// skip all non-digit characters
		while (*input_string != 0 && (*input_string < '0' || *input_string > '9')) input_string++;
		if (*input_string == 0) break;

		// current char is digit
		int length = 0;
		char *temp_string = input_string;
		while (*input_string!=0 && *input_string >= '0' && *input_string <= '9') {

		// check if this is longer
		if (length > max_length) {
			max_length = length;
			max_string = temp_string;

	// write maximum string to output and add null to end.
	int i;
	for (i = 0; i < max_length; i++) output_string[i] = max_string[i];
	output_string[i] = 0;

	return max_length;

int main()
	char input[] = "abcd12345ed125ss123456789";
	char *output = new char[sizeof(input)];
	int length = continumax(output, input);
	printf("Length: %dn", length);
	printf("Output: %sn", output);

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