Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S2 after the Upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich

Thank you for checking out this tutorial. Reading the discussions in this post, seems like there is quite a number of people having troubles to take screenshots with Galaxy S2. To clear any confusions, I summarized some information and added as followings. Hope you could make it too. Fingers crossed.

First, make sure your Galaxy S2 is running Android version 4 or above.

Volume Down + Power Key will work fine.
Press both keys at the same time gently. In about 1 second, screen capture would be done. A notification and an animation would be shown too.

Edited on 12 July.

Press and hold power and volume down button together. This is the way to take screenshot in the new Android system 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. After the Samsung Galaxy S2 updated to this new version, it uses this method instead of the way mentioned in my old post.

  1. Saim said:

    Thanks, your are really very helpful 🙂
    worked perfectly with my samsung galaxy s2 4.0

    • nia mania said:

      What about galaxy s3 huuuaaaaaaaaa need help everyone

  2. najmi said:

    does not work with my
    i9100G, 4.0.3

    it shows the normal choice of power down+mobile data enabler etc or simply lock the screen..


  3. graham said:

    i have tried this and my phone changes the volume and them locks no matter how fast i do it

    • Lani said:

      You have to hold it for about 4 seconds

    • APJ said:

      It also works if you hold the back button and press the home key

  4. Hugo said:

    It dosnt work for 4.0.3 😦

  5. Vishal said:

    It works on my Samsung Galaxy S2 after the ICS upgrade.
    Its just that you have to press simultaneously the Volume Down+Power button for a little longer than what you used to (Home button+Power) on Gingerbread.

  6. Deepa said:

    It just does not work after the update. It shows the normal power options.

  7. David said:

    This is how you screenshon on the Samsung Galaxy S II (2) 4.0.3.

    Press the home button then about half a second after press the lock key and hold for approx. 2 second.

    Phone will vibrate and flash… There is your screenshot.

    For more follow me on twitter @DaveattheCircus

  8. joanS2 said:

    after update to 4.0.3 its doesn’t work by press the vol down+power. Pls help?

  9. abigfan said:

    Definitely did work fr my S2 so thank you v much fr that! Somehow my bf’s screenshot is taken pressing power + home buttons, why so?

  10. joneer said:

    Whichever way, doesn’t work at all!

  11. kansarat said:

    Works perfectly on my gs2 with 4.0. Thanks for helping

  12. patricia said:

    This works fine after the upgrade, however if I try to upload the screenshot to Instagram, it simply won’t let me, however there were no problems prior to upgrade – anyone else come across this issue?

  13. vimal said:

    doesn’t work on my S2 too, ics 4.0.3 i9100DXLP9…

  14. Giz said:

    press and hold the home button…when task manager comes up press back (while still holding the home button) then press power. This worked for me on my s2 *cheers*

  15. Amanda said:

    I have the Samsung galaxy S2 w/ ICS. Like others said I couldn’t get the screenshot to work by holding the down volume and power key. It probably took about 15 times trying but yes it does work now. I almost gave up and I am doing it the same way as when I first tried, so I’m not sure what was going on. My advice its keep trying….it’s working every time for me now…

  16. Josh said:

    it DOESNT WORK!! Why the F*** wont people who are offering solutions READ THE DAMN POSTS OF PEOPLE WHO ITS NOT WORKING FOR?!?!? my phone is NOT rooted, Power+VolumeDWN does NOT work. NOT together, NOT VolDWN/PWR, NOT PWR/VolDWN, No combination, variation of presses, duration of presses work. in fact LONGER than 4sec causes the phone to ask about shutting off.
    Surely a workaround to go back to the ORIGINAL Home+Power for 2sec needs to be brought back. F*** the task manager, I preferred that under Home button only for 2sec – AND ITS STILL THERE!!!! WHY DOES IT NEED TWO SHORTCUTS!?!?!?!?

    • Renato said:

      The same for me…There’s no way…the phone lowers the volume or just show the task manager…can’t take any screen shot.

    • giovanny said:

      Im with u on that one i try it all and nothing is working

  17. Vimal Srinivasan said:

    Well both shortcuts volume down + power and home + power works for me…
    Initially only home + power worked for me.. that I had a bit time figuring out. the day before yesterday I for some some software update, now both the short cut seems to be working…

    • Josh said:

      but did u have the same problem? where if u do what people are telling u and it brings up task manager or shut down the phone.instead?
      if yes, what have you done different?

  18. Mustafa said:

    Josh I had the same god dam issue with my phone so I took it back to the Samsung store…. you have to press the home button and power button simultaneously then it will work.

    • Mustafa said:

      Sorry i should say home button and the lower end tip of the power button.

      • Josh said:

        OMFG THANK YOU!!!!!! a brief press of both together! DUH!! mustafa u saved my sanity!!

      • ty said:

        Thank you!!!!

      • Michelle said:

        Thank you so much!!! I was getting so discouraged.

  19. jenny said:

    I think dis website wana put a video to show we see ur mean”press the lower key n power key in the same time”!!huhhh.many time i try it!still can’t..

  20. Paarri said:

    Volumae down + Power Key will work fine guys..
    Jus press both the keys at the same time gently and u can take ur finger immediately. U dont have to wait for 4 secs or more.. even before 1 sec ur screenshot will get saved….

  21. ezmage said:

    Update – Look like Samsung disabled default Android 4.0 ICS screenshot shortcut function on some firmware. Change back to Press and hold Home + Power buttons at the same time for 2 seconds to take screenshot.

    • hazard said:

      how to change it?

  22. Diamond Brown said:

    None of these choices work for me. Don’t reply to me and say it did for you, that’s obnoxious. If you have tried said ways to get a screen shot and couldn’t then figured out a way that bo one has mentioned, your advice would be appreciated.

  23. marc said:

    So I tried a number of ways and it didn’t work for me task manager keeps coming up volume goes down and it also gives me the option to shut off my phone finally after countless hours of trying I figured it out not I’m not saying it will work for everyone but it works for me if u press the home button and power at the exact same time for two seconds it will work…..if u press the home before the power or vice versa then u get task manager or the option to turn it off……so press them at the exact same time!

    • mike said:

      This worked for me. I was pulling my hair out on this one.
      Simultaenuosly press and hold Home and Power for ~half a second and you should see a quick animation and a picture taking sound.
      My SGS2 is a Tesco moble running ICS 4.0.3

      • Jackarelli said:

        This worked. PLEASE NOTE ALL. if you have ICS 4.0 or later then the timing is everything. you need to hold home and power for 1/5 a second.

      • hazard said:

        great!! finally.. that’s right Jackarelli.. timing is the key.. thank you all!!

    • ppaul said:

      Thanks mate. finally something works for me.

      • carlie said:

        thankyou so much! that worked for me 🙂

    • Directioner said:

      Omfg you saved meeee :))))))

  24. Jorge said:

    I tried all you recommended but nothing. While trying I found if you press back button, start counting and press home button on three, you will have your screenshot

  25. Lissa said:

    Works like a charm to me, thanks a lot

  26. blair said:

    mine is S2 I9100GDXLP6S version 4.0.3.. the volume down and power button nt working for 4.0.4 i think..I have tried so many times but failed.. end up i press and hold Home and Power simultaneously for a second and you will see a quick picture with picture taking sound..anyway i have tried this combination for more than 10 times before it actually works.. so lets try it out..:)

    • vanessa said:

      It worked thanks(:

  27. blair said:

    sorry i wanted to say *mine is S2 I9100GDXLP6 version 4.0.3.. the volume down and power button nt working for 4.0.3 i think..*

    • A K htwe said:

      press power key + home key at the same time. for 3second …it worked on my s2. .gti9100G

  28. vanessa said:

    I have the gs2 updated it to the 4.0.4 & Im not able to take a sreanshot

  29. cinthya said:

    Ooooomg! Thaaaaank you i thougth i couldn’t do it no more thank you, you really helped me! 😀

  30. tonnia said:

    Thank you.. I was getting frustrated!

  31. rob said:

    Just switched to ice cream sandwich on my s2 skyrocket was pulling my hair out until I finally got to the right one home and power button together for a couple seconds

  32. Aoife said:

    Thanks, that worked 🙂

  33. I have ICS 4.0.4 russian official and can confirm that the Home and Power buttons simultaneously for about one second worked flawlessly but only after 10 or more attempts, then worked always. It’s like the phone learned it 🙂

    • Clarice said:

      OMG, I know I’m a later bloomer with this stuff, but that totally worked! It did have to learn it. Literally, after 10 times it picked it up. Thanks!!

  34. mimo said:

    It worked it worked… Hold the both(power & volume down) key for a couple of seconds… Then show the magic.. Thanks a lot…………………….

  35. monotoonz said:

    it’s working just fine for me and I’m running on 4.0.4. I actually discovered the screen shot feature by accident. I was going to turn my volume down and hit the power button at the same time. I was like “wait… what?” and google’d it. PS. I held it for about 1 second. make sure you’re hitting AND holding both button at the same time.

  36. bullseye84gb said:

    Take 5 seconds.. Simultaneously press + hold (at the same time) the square home key below the screen and the power button for 2 seconds. Been trying all combinations and this one worked perfect 1st time and every time. O2 running ics 4.0.3


    • axmoyano said:

      Finally this works!! I´ve tried ALL the above mentioned methods, only this one works fine:


      remember: AT THE SAME TIME

      Thank you!!

      • Sophie said:

        OMGOMGOMGOMG thank you sooooo much!!
        none of the above was working for me and this one worked straight away!!

    • Emaad said:

      Bloody hell.. Finally it worked and explained perfectly.. Thnx a ton for this ‘2 second’ suggestion.. Plz do exactly as it reads above.. Press Home nd Power key simutaneously spot on and hold for 2 seconds..

  37. newuser said:

    Canadian Rogers S2 LTE android 4. 2 weeks old. So inconsistent so as to be useless.
    -power and home at same time I sometimes get task manager, sometimes get screen shot, sometimes when screen shot is there and i keep holding i get screen shot of task manager.
    -Sometimes if i hit power button a split second before home icon i get the screen shot, sometimes not.
    Power and volume do nothing.
    Is this why folks prefer iphones??

  38. newuser said:

    Canadian Rogers S2 LTE android 4. : Screen shot now working most of the time as long as not running other apps such as wireless hotspot tethering. Have to press power button a microsecond before home icon then wait a couple of seconds. Perhaps it does not work well when phone is too busy processing other apps. Does not work at all if using as a wireless hotspot…just get the task manager. But thats OK since it is unlikely you would want a screen shot on phone when you are using a computer! Sorry Samsung and Android…you are still a great option over apple.

  39. DL said:

    It used to work fine on my S2 vesion 4.0.3 after upgrand to 4.0.4 then it dont work….plz help.

  40. kc said:

    I was frustrated with the screen capture. Then I figured out the way to do it. It is with the Power button and the Home button pressed at the same time like instructed by some. But make sure you clear all your open apps first by pressing and holding the home button then closing out all open apps. Then press the power and home buttons firmly for a couple of seconds and the screenshot will take place. it may taking some getting use to but it works…. I like the htc better when it comes to that option, it’s simple and quick.

  41. Ryan said:

    Props to ezmage. Thank you!!

  42. Ajnjaathan said:


  43. Hope said:

    I’m on 4.0.4 and it works fine if i press and release home and power button at the same time.

  44. fiqriizar said:

    i can screenshot use (home button+power button) and (volume down button+power button) buttttt couldn’t save screenshot! why?????arghhh!!!

  45. robert said:

    I tried this my own way you have to press volume down + home button and power key about 1 sec THEN PRESS ONLY HOME BUTTON. Hoping this was helpful.

  46. Esa said:

    After trial and error I found out that with my S2 and ICS it works when you press power and home button simultaneously for about an second.

  47. Janice said:

    Omg….im really gettin upset! I have been trying this screenshot rules back & forth all eknd. Home & power…nothing! Volume down & power…nothing! Youtuded it…NOTHING….beyond agnored!!!

  48. Janice said:

    My galaxy s2 is from tmobile & the version Andriod thst its running is 4.0.4….should this still work bcuz its NOT!!!

  49. aaron said:

    Its still the same as the previous software but u just hold down power and home button instead of just pressing them both

    • Janice said:

      Thanks Alex…but I promise I’m holding them both down. 1st the task manger come up (while I still have the home button & power button down) I hit back the task manager goes away but then the shutdown/restart comes up.

      Thanks but I guess I just can’t do it! I’m so over it…PISSED 😦

  50. Janice said:

    OMG……….I just just just did it!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 thank you sooooooo very much

    • Harlem said:

      I have the same phone from Tmobile and I went into the store today and they said on my sgh-t989 running android 4.0.4 touch screen it could not be done. How did you get yours to work @Janice.

  51. David said:

    For people running ics 4.0.4 try pressing the power button and the home button at the same time, but press the power right before pressing the home button then hold for about 1.5 seconds.

    • David said:

      People are not explaining this right!

    • Tim said:

      David, thank you! Your description is finally what helped me.

      Recap: It’s VERY IMPORTANT TO PRESS THE POWER BUTTON A SPLIT SECOND BEFORE PRESSING HOME. I’m now able to take a screenshot every time. Like David says, you need to press both keys very close in time, but press power slightly before home. It was driving me nuts before! VolDown+Power was just changing the volume and bringing up the power menu. Holding Home causes Task Manager to come up. Home+Power doesn’t work if you press Home first.

      Power+(0.1sec delay)+Home and hold for a second or two is the way to go.

      THANK YOU!

  52. Tara said:

    Thanks so much for posting this info. The old school home & power button combo worked perfectly for me BUT I’m a technophobe so I would really appreciate it if you could add some info on where the snapshot goes after I’ve taken it. I need to email it to someone & have no idea how to retrieve it & stick it in an email.

  53. nia mania said:

    Am using s3 what do I do shoot I hate this

  54. Kathy said:

    I just got an updated replacement phone of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and was having difficulty taking screen shots on it. You have to click the Home & Power button simultaneously for a good 2-3 seconds. Should work :p

  55. Amy said:

    Running 4.1.2 on mine and this do not fucking work. Not under any combo. Wtf I hate companies do this kind of shit.

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