Samsung Kies for Mac OS X Lion

Recently I bought Samsung Galaxy S2. Samsung offer an application to synchronize files in Mac. However, the latest version cannot be installed in Lion. To tackle this, you can install an older version and then update it to the latest version. I have tested it works for this version: KiesMac_1.0.0.11055_7. Install it and then go to “Preference”->”Update” and update to the latest version. Try it and gives comments. =]

  1. Douglas said:

    Would you know if that version of Kies allows you to update the firmware for the Galaxy S 2?

  2. Paul said:

    Works great! Thx for the hint. Hope Samsung realize they’re being silly …

    • Zigfried said:

      Not much luck there ..

  3. sandra said:

    This works great! Thanks!

  4. Douglas said:

    Great it works!

    Haven’t tried updating the firmware yet…indicates that I have the latest. So will have to wait a bit.

    • Yes me too, seems I have the latest firmware too. LOL

  5. connor said:

    thank you that was very helpful!

  6. gugy said:


  7. Magic. Absolute magic! Thank you.
    I just downloaded a Firmware update as well, and so far (the last 15 seconds or so) so good…

  8. Xandrovic said:


    Thanks for the tip, the installation worked. Unfortunately Kies is even worse than Itunes.

  9. csgnyc said:

    Oddly, I just tried this, but when I open Kies (the version in the link) I’m told the “Latest version is installed.” Any ideas?

  10. Gastón said:

    Thanks! It worked seamlessly for me 🙂

  11. Elias said:

    Hi, im trying to install the Kies on my mac ! but it doznt let me ! 😦
    i think its because of the Mac os x Lion ! any idea how long doz that take ! or is it possible to install it !?

  12. Hey! Thanks a lot for the tip! Works great! Better than waiting for Samsung to release an update! 😀

  13. Timo said:

    This helped me a LOT. Thank you!

  14. ali said:

    thanks dude

  15. Niklas said:

    This absolutely saved me. Thanks a LOT.

  16. When I connect my device, it says the it is not supported my Kies 2.0. Any ideas?

  17. Agent M said:

    Anybody got a hint for me? I installed KIES with the given solution here, updated it to the latest version, but still my Galaxy S2 isn’t recognized…

    • Massimo said:

      Try to dismout SD card

    • Two things:

      First, go under Menu > Settings > Wireless and network > USB Settings and make sure “Samsung Kies” is selected.

      Second, if you live in Canada, you have to install the French version of Kies and then switch the default language to English once the program is up and running. You then shut Kies down and immediately re-start it for the language change to take effect. After this, Kies will recognize your phone.

      • Colleen said:

        How do you install the French version instead of the english version? Do I change my computers settings or is it a totally different application than KiesMac_1.0.0.11055_7 ?

  18. miles said:

    You are a hero. Thanks

  19. Matthew Grech said:

    Thanks the program worked for me… it’s just that it doesn’t work with my Wave =/ Oh well we’re gonna have to wait for an update I guess

  20. ABC said:

    you rock bro….worked beautifully….

  21. hugh said:

    you just made my day!

  22. Phrentk said:

    Fantastic… Thanks very much!

  23. BAW5E said:

    This device isn’t supported by Kies 2.0…Have to wait for an Update I guess…or if the new iPhone Ships faster, goodbye Galaxy 😦

  24. Subu said:

    Thanks for the tip. Installing an older version worked on my OSX Lion. However, it now keeps going into a loop everytime I start up Kies, saying it requires some further updates downloaded to start f/w upgrade. Foxed!

    • Subu said:

      Further on.. everytime I plug in my Samsung Galaxy S and fire up Kies, the screen prompts a download of this file –, but doesn’t really go anywhere from there. Help?

      • Antony500 said:

        Same for me 😦 Any help?

      • same here 😦 anyone get it to work yet?

      • rick_x said:

        Me too, this is so frustrating.

      • GMAK said:

        Same issue here? never downloads, stuck at 0%

        Any ideas?

      • Patrico said:

        Same! Tried to find the file via ftp-search, but no success. Anybody successful in downloading it, who could share it? 🙂

    • just me said:

      Same problem here. Cannot upgrade the firmware. Kies says it needs more components to download but gets stuck at 0%!!

      • Douglas said:

        same problem here…can’t seem to upgrade the firmware or at least its not downloading it : (

    • RD said:

      same problem for me, looks like 404 on Samsung server :/

  25. Trigger51 said:

    Help, when I had windows I could go into my computer and see my phone as another hard drive and then could make new folders the way I want them. But don’t seem to be able to do this on my mac, phone not showing, can only use kies is there a way to get into the folders?

    • Edward said:

      I’ve still got Android 2.2 for the same reason as the others here (MAC-KIESAGENT etc.) but this should work:
      On the phone, go into settings>applications>development and tick the box marked ‘USB Debugging’. Then, go to Settings>wireless and network>USB settings and select Mass Storage.
      From now on, when you plug the phone into the mac, the pull-down menu from the notification bar should have the option to connect USB Storage. When you do this, the SD cards should just mount on your mac desktop allowing you to access files, drag and drop etc.
      Hope this helps.

  26. test said:

    Same for me, no download of mac-kiesagent. Any help?

  27. noudshoo said:

    same for me, and when I connect my samsung galaxy s plus it says: this device is not supported by kies 2.0…… any help?!

  28. I’ve been trying to connect my Galaxy S to Kies for more than 3 hours now… Tried on Mac OS Lion and Windows 7 x64. Total pain. Did not work.

  29. I followed instructions above and still had the Kies app indicating “Connecting…” to the phone. I ended up having to remove the PIN (just entering PIN didn’t do it) from the phone for Kies to connect.

  30. Marco said:

    Thanks! Works fine!

  31. Art Brooks said:

    Mine downloads every time I start Kies. What a pile of shit. Come on Samsung, how fricking difficult can it be? (And if it is, you’re doing it wrong!)

  32. same here.. kiss is downloading this every time.. nothing happens.. phone doesn’t connect (get recognized), no syncing, updating, etc..

    mac os x lion
    samsung galaxy s2
    android 2.3.3
    basseband I9100XXKE7

    • Art Brooks said:

      The only thing I haven’t tried is rebooting, but there is no logic to doing that.

  33. Mada said:

    can’t open kies after update !

  34. Jeroen Smeets said:

    This “” is a simple question of the app not being able to remove some old files (according to the system.log on my mbp). Just tested if

    cd /Applications/
    sudo chmod -R 777 *

    does the trick and it does. Unfortunately, Kies now tells me my S2 doesn’t support firmware upgrades through Kies 😦

    • Lewis said:

      hey, could you give a little more info on how you got around this….?

    • same for me Jeroen on my galaxy tab!
      Kies tells me doesn’t support firmware update

      permission file issue?

      It’s ridiculous, Samsung still wonders why people prefer an ipad… ’cause it just works. Plug and go! Unless samsung decides to invest on software with an iTunes like application (either than just making new hardware), well… their idea of catching up with apple will end nowhere

      • Jeroen Smeets said:

        Hi Lorenzo, and Lewis,

        I issued the commands I mentioned, but as I wrote: Kies doesn’t want to update.

        Guess I have to find a windows machine somewhere.

        — Jeroen

  35. Douglas said:

    Obviously this latest update has a lot of bugs…would do well to wait until Samsung gets their act together on this.

  36. Gergo said:

    Don’t worry about Kies being crap on a mac… I spent another 2 hours today trying to update my SGS2 firmware under WinXP. After downloading the firmware, the connection was lost and I had to start from the beginning…. Samsung, why?

    • puya said:

      If you have a mac and SGS2 don’t use kies software on mac…just use local wireless internet and kies app on your phone. this way you can sync and share files wirelessly. or if you have too many files to transfer, just tap on USB notification on your phone once you connect it to the mac. This way you can connect your android to mac as external hard drive and transfer files to your phone just the way you do it when you plug a usb drive to you computer.

      • Gergo said:

        KiesAir does not support firmware upgrades…

  37. dave said:

    Worked great! Thanks!

  38. Thanapol said:

    this devise doesn’t support by kies 2

    how i propose to do with this

    it’s not work try many time

    yes the program is working on Mac Lion
    but when you Syn on the screen of Galaxy s2 said connected

    and on the program key pop up
    and said


    This devise doesn’t support by kies 2

    any help please

    Thank you

    Thanapol (Phuket Thailand)

  39. al said:

    hey thx a lot

  40. 1111lah said:

    Why does the download link point to a Windows exe file? This post is about Mac so don’t know why it would give an exe

    • Jeroen said:

      don’t know which link you clicked, but if I click on the link in the article (and skip the ad), the download is a .dmg file.

  41. After starting Kies it asks for an update and then it crashes, no matter whether I do the update or cancel it. When it comes to software Samsung really sucks.

  42. Joao Prospero said:

    Thanks for the tip…

  43. Sebastiaan said:

    I still get an error with the new Kies For mac, stating that my I9100 does not support firmware updates….

    • Douglas said:

      Same here , after the latest Kies update, it states that I9100 firmware update is not supported…..weird

  44. Brunster AU said:

    I tried both the old version and updating – it still gives me the same error when trying to connect SGS II – This device is not supported by Kies 2.0. So glad I moved away from iPhone. NOT

  45. Armand Windsor said:

    It doesn’t work on Snow Leopard!!
    I installed version 1.0, updated … same crap as 2.0 sorry

  46. Jay S said:

    Hi .. Read through all the comments and I am stuck .. just got the SGS2 and installed Kies. When I connect the S2 to the Mac (LION) Kies reports “Connecting” but never does. I looked in Menu>Settings>Wireless&Network but I cannot find USB Settings. I can find USB Utilities but nothing in there about Kies.
    Software version Gingerbread.XWKF3 v2.3.3 and Model is GT-I9100.
    Any assistance would be appreciated.

    • ibenot said:

      this is the same for me, same device, same android version and nothing to Kies…. i would like to upgrade to 2.3.6……anybody ?

  47. Shahnaz van Wyk said:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S Plus and I am trying to syncronise it with my iMac which still runs on snow leopard, I have downloaded Kies 1.0.2,11121_3 and it keeps telling me device is not supported by Samsung Kies. on the phone it tells me that I have to ‘connect to a network to access Kies’. Any suggestions? I want to synchronise my contact list and calendar?

  48. eunice said:

    do you know if this will work for the galaxy s 3?

  49. Rajesh said:

    Hi, I am using SGS3 and Kies on MAC. It is working fine but not showing App Store for Samsung… Please help..

  50. Fails to connect to my Samsung phone as well. All it does is “connecting…”

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