Mail Checker: Nicholas Workshop

Thank you if you are using my extension. I am happy that so many people like my program. This is one of the most satisfying program I ever made. And also thank you those people on the internet who help me debug and give me suggestions. I like coding and I am also a perfectionism. I want my productions to be enhanced and improved with my greatest effort. This extension is originally called “Mail Checker (Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail): Nicholas Workshop”. However google only allow 45 characters. T^T

Please note that i can’t make gmail checking on the popup windows as Google doesn’t allow it. And Yahoo Mail is quite unstable (after I access it will this extension millions times).Chrome cannot shrink the popup when the things inside is shrink. This is chrome’s problem I think.

Mail Checker: Nicholas Workshop
I know it has bugs, just tell me if you find any XD.
Please give comments.

  1. Karma said:

    I have two hotmail accts. and two gmail accts. I can't see how to access more than one of each.

  2. It says I have to sign in to hotmail, but I already have? What's the problem here?

  3. Hi Karma, I am sorry that this extension cannot check more than one account within one mail as it synchronize the login status with normal Chrome browser to maximize the convenience.

  4. Hi Courtney, I think it maybe a bug of this extension. I will look into it and fix it asap! Thanks for your report.

  5. Ikarias said:

    Is there any chance this extention will also allow custom pop inboxxes? It seems to be to hard to write them, ans since you seem to be both up to date, as responsive (most people write something, and the leave it like it's dead or something), i thought of asking you.

  6. Thank you Ikarias. You reminded me that POP3 is possible in the extension language and then enhance the functions. The extension I made use of the information after the client signed in. By using POP3, clients can check multiple accounts. Anyway, I will look into it.

  7. Sorry that I found it is impossible to handle POP3 or any other mail retrieving in Javascript after some research… Also, calling Java in Javascript seems to be not allowed too… Perhaps my idea is too ideal.

  8. Ikarias said:

    And IMAP based? A lot of free, and paid email servers, like my own, provide pop and imap validation.

  9. jeffy said:

    Hi Nicolas,
    Is it possible that if there is no email, it should not show a badge in the lite version.
    Could you please tell me what changes I need to do in background.html file to make the relevant change?

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