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Now go to your Fire TV.
Settings > About > Check For System Update



You can only do breathe first traversal in iterative way. Though you can still make it recursive by calling itself in each loop, but you will not benefit from it. It is similar to doing depth first traversal, instead you use a FIFO queue to store the nodes.

There are 4 ways to do a depth first traversal, depends on how you would like to do it.

Snapsack problem refers to the situation you want to find a combination of items that can fill up a container. Each items should be attached with a value, and there should be a target value that means a container is filled up. For example, a container has 25 spaces and there are items that will take 1, 5, 7, 6, 4 or 10 spaces. You have to find all the combinations that fit the container.

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